Jim Ivey for Saint Paul City Council, Ward 2

Thank you

Thank you, every last supporter who gave your time, money or both to back me in bringing new ideas and perspective to the Ward 2 race. Thank you most of all to the voters across this ward who entrusted me with your first or second choice votes. I am humbled by your support. Each vote sets the bar higher for what we should expect out of our city councilmember. I hope I have the opportunity to work hard to meet those expectations.

I'd like to thank our city council representative Dave Thune. It would've been easy for an experienced incumbent to kick sand in the face of the little Green first-time candidate, but Dave never did. He was always the statesman with me, and helped me with a number of community problems that I found while door-knocking, without ever turning them into a campaign issue. We had some great debates, promoted neighborhoods and policy discussions into all of the local newspapers, and got a lot of people engaged in a positive way. This is what democracy should look like. Thanks for everything Dave.

I'd also like to thank Bill Hosko, Cynthia Schanno and Sharon Anderson. Bill was tireless. I can't count the number of times we passed each other on the street over the past six months, and he was always friendly and took an extra minute to say something supportive before continuing on his journey. Cynthia was a bright spot in every public event we had, always trying to use humor to lighten up the pre-game stare downs between the candidates. And a special thanks to Sharon: She came up to me one night at a Plug Into Saint Paul event, and we had the most amazing conversation about electoral strategy. She gave me some insights that might actually play into the final results. Thanks to all of you, for your love of Saint Paul.

Post-election news roundup

GreenSaintPaul Press Release: Green Party Awaits Final Results in Ward 2 and Posts Impressive Results in Wards 1 and 6

"During the 2011 campaign, the Green Party candidates for St. Paul City Council took their message to the people in Wards 1, 2 and 6 with impressive results against their established DFL incumbents"


MPR: Ranked-choice election leads to recount in St. Paul ward

"Green party candidate Jim Ivey is Thune's strongest opposition, with 1,400 first place votes -- about 26 percent of the first round of results. Bill Hosko is third, with about 25 percent. "


Star Tribune: Ranked voting gets first runoff test

"The election marked the first use of ranked voting in St. Paul. The switch went off smoothly by all accounts. A big test, however, comes Monday when Ramsey County Elections Director Joe Mansky's office will begin counting the second-place votes of the bottom three finishers: Sharon Anderson, Cynthia P. Schanno and the write-in candidates. Their second-choice votes will be redistributed to the top three candidates, one of whom will eventually be dropped."


MinnPost: One St. Paul incumbent ousted; another awaits Round 2 of IRV

"Another apparent winner in the election: the Ranked Choice system. Ramsey County Elections Manager Joe Manksy was seen grinning from ear to ear while talking with election judges around town."


TC Daily Planet: Ranked Choice voting will decide Ward 2; Brendmoen edges out incumbent Helgen in Ward 5

In the closest race in St. Paul, incumbent Dave Thune garnered 1880 votes or 38.13 percent of the vote in the Second Ward, which is not a clear victory.

We await final results on Monday

First: thank you so much to our dozens of incredible volunteers who took time out of your lives to knock on doors, make phone calls, bring food, create events, place lawnsigns, and much more. Your efforts took an excellent candiate and put him in a position where he can be the next Ward 2 city council person. We won't know who wins until Monday, because Ramsey County has not yet obtained ballot-counting machines that are capable of tallying a Ranked Voting election. It will take a hand count which is scheduled for next week. What we do know is that we ran a strong and credible campaign that proved there is a ton of support in Ward 2 for a bold progressive vision.

We went to bed on election night knowing Jim had earned enough support to claim second place, by 25 votes. The tally changed since then, increasing his lead for second place to 57 votes. Why does this matter? Because this is the first Ranked Voting election in Saint Paul, and under Ranked Voting the winner must earn a majority of the votes. Since no candidate earned over 50% of the votes in Ward 2, the winner will be decided by the instant runoff counting that is part of Ranked Voting. Ramsey County Elections has scheduled the instant runoff counting to be performed on Monday.  Here are the results from yesterday, looking just at all of the voters' first-choice votes:

Ward 2 - First choice votes  

JIM IVEY 1435  26.77%
BILL HOSKO 1378  25.70%
DAVE THUNE 2079  38.78%
Write-in Votes 80.15%

Because no candidate earned over 50% of the votes, an instant runoff will be performed. First, the candidates who are mathematically unable to reach 50% are eliminated: in this case, Sharon Anderson and Cynthia Schanno. The folks who voted for one of those two candidates will instead see their second choice votes counted. Those second choice votes will be added to the remaining candidates (and in some cases their third choice will be counted, if their second choice was the other elimianted candidate). The idea is to find out: since they didn't get their first choice, who is their next  preference?

Ultimately, a second instant runoff will be performed. Whoever ends up in third place will be eliminated, and similarly, those voters' second choices will be counted. Right now, Jim is in second place and Bill Hosko is in third place. If that still holds true after counting second choices from Anderson and Schanno, then Hosko would be eliminated in the second runoff and folks who voted for him first will have their next preference votes counted. If a lot of the folks who voted for Hosko picked Jim as their second choice, then Jim has a chance to win the election. But it's entirely speculation right now: we need to let the process take its course and await the official counting of the runoff process on Monday.

If any of this sounds complicated, don't worry: it's a lot easier to understand with a visual example. Please watch this short video produced by Minnesota Public Radio to see how the instant runoff process works.

Asking for your vote on the eve of election day

Dear friends and neighbors,

I began this campaign for city council with the support of a core group of you, and the stories I heard from people across the ward who expressed frustration with the status quo and a desire for a more pro-active, engaged and progressive sort of politics. I go into election day tomorrow tremendously grateful for the hundreds of you who joined my campaign since, for the encouragement I've encountered from all corners of Ward 2, and for the endorsements from Labor, TakeAction Minnesota and the Green Party.

I go into election day asking for your vote, and your help.  I want your help to make sure that the election tomorrow is not the end of this journey, but just the beginning of our work together to move Ward 2 and Saint Paul forward.

We will:

  • Partner to make change: We will work together on your ideas and concerns. I will be out in the neighborhoods, at meetings, and holding regular office hours at libraries and rec centers.
  • Work together for good jobs: We will fight for workers and enforce our Living Wage standard. This year, Dave Thune authored a deal to give public money to a private business that refuses to pay a living wage to all workers. That wasn't right. I won't back away from our standards.
  • Create a bolder vision: We will advance practical new ideas to tackle big problems, from affordable housing and foreclosures to the economy and small business. We'll build consensus for a bolder vision from the bottom up.

Will you join me?

I need your help to get out the vote. Please stop by campaign headquarters anytime today or tomorrow to pitch in and make it possible for us to take the next step forward tomorrow by winning this election. Volunteers like you will be dropping literature, knocking on doors, and making calls. Shifts tonight start at 4:30 and 9:30, and go all day tomorrow, starting at 6:30am.

Campaign headquarters is in the duplex at 608 E Beaumont Ave, just between Payne Ave and Swede Hollow, a little ways off of E 7th Street. Call my campaign manager, Jesse, if you have any questions: 651-442-5734.

Thank you,

Jim Ivey


P.S. After helping us get out the vote, join me for a victory party at Mancini's on West 7th Tuesday night at 9pm.

PiPress: Jim "the only political contender actively embracing" Ranked Voting

An article in this Sunday's Pioneer Press highlighted the work our campaign has been doing to educate voters about how to vote effectively in this Ranked Voting election:

"Jim Ivey wants to be your first choice for St. Paul City Council. But if he can't win that, he'd like to be your second choice, or even your third.

With ranked-choice voting scheduled to debut on Election Day Tuesday in St. Paul, Ivey, a Lowertown resident and Green Party candidate running for the Ward 2 council seat, appears to be the only political contender actively embracing the new process and courting second-place votes.

It's a strategy the other 20 candidates have avoided and some have openly criticized."

Source: Pioneer Press

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